Are you at risk?

Fraud accounts for almost 40% of all crime. In just one year, 1 in 17 adults in England and Wales were victims of fraud.*

That’s nearly 3 million of us.

1 in 5 businesses were also a victim of fraud over a 3 year period.^

In other words, fraud is rife and it can happen to anyone.

*Source: Crime Survey for England and Wales, year ending September 2023
^Source: Economic Crime Survey 2020

Think you’re immune from fraud?

Fraudsters can use highly manipulative methods to get us when our defences are down. Nobody is immune from fraud. We can all be more alert to the risks, and we can all do more to protect ourselves.

Why you might be more at risk than you think

The world has changed. Which means the way fraudsters operate has changed, and will continue to evolve. Find out why this makes us all more vulnerable to fraud.

4 ways to frustrate a fraudster

What’s the risk of fraud happening to you? Answer 4 quick questions to discover how you can make yourself a harder target.